An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Capturing Magic Through the Lens

I’ve always had a love for awesome photography since my father took me along on photoshoots as a schoolboy. The way he could capture the special moment, beautiful landscape or portrait, always seemed a little bit like magic for me. Even though not having a degree in photography or art, I’ve kept learning photography with 10,000 hours of practice, attending seminars, reading books, magazines, and being around positive minded people to develop the magic in my photography style.

I have strong passion and enthusiasm in photography, and whatever, wherever, and whenever I shoot, I’d be delighted to apply that magical touch through my photography art.


Fine Art Photography

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Over the years, I’ve developed a good feel for creating exceptional images in my photography. I’ve always put my heart, soul, and passion into my work. I always rely on my ideas and vision to capture the images most creatively.

I put photography as a process where I could express my perceptions and emotions, then shared them with the others. Through my photography, I’d like to evoke emotions and tie the audience to my images. For me, photography is an unavoidable process which requires me to be imaginative, creative, and expressive.

Capturing Special Moments

Catch the Magic Moments Anytime and Anywhere

Special moments are something that I look back on for years to come, remembering the good times I’ve had and the wonderful people I’ve shared my lives with. Capturing the moments are just as important as any other details, and my photography would capture that magical moment and the special moment in your life.

Special moments can come in any scenic moment, at anytime and anywhere. Getting those moments take practice. When the moment eventually came, I had just one chance to snap what I had envisioned it would like in my mind. This is my way I could capture the magic, where patience, anticipation, and observation all comes together into a ‘lucky’ shot.


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